A meadow golf course is located in Bērzaune district, in the recreation place “Subrakkrasti” surrounded by picturesque meadows and lush forests. The area of the meadow golf course is 7-8 ha and it has also water obstacles which makes the golf game much more exciting and interesting.

Meadow Golf is located 26 km from Madona, 148 km from Riga and 150 km from Daugavpils. The establishment started in April 2014 and it was created mainly thanks to cooperation with guest house „Šubrakkrasti” owners, and also thanks to the support of the Madona municipality. Area managed by  association “Meadow golf course “Kalnozoli””.


* The meadow golf course is available both to beginners who want to learn how to play this game, and to experienced players.
* Groups of several people can also visit the course and play golf.
* Enterprises may apply for organization of their tournaments or apply as sponsors of the organized tournaments.
* Golf equipment available: three sets of golf clubs for adults and one set for children/ youngsters.
* Gift cards.

If you stay at guest house, you get – 10 % discount!

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+371 29189120 (Anita); +371 22441173 (Guest house administration);
E-mail: pglkalnozoli@gmail.com
Working time: On request!

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